"I can recommend Bay State Exhaust without hesitation. Our company has very specific, and unfortunately very technical, systems that only Toby and his company seem to be able to master. We went through a litany of service companies before we found Bay State Exhaust and they have done a terrific job. Thanks Toby!"     
                                                                                                                  Hol Hustus- Chief Operating Officer
                                                                         FIRE + ICE Restaurants- Boston,MA

"Having had Toby Grossman (Owner BSES) as a technician from a prior company, it was an easy decision to have Bay State Exhaust Services clean and maintain the exhaust system here at East Coast Grill. We have a Gaylord Water Suppression System over our wood fire grill and it is a relief to trust that Bay State Exhaust will do everything to protect the lives of the people who live in the building and also our livelihoods."

                                                                          Eric Gburski- General Manager
                                                                          East Coast Grill- Cambridge, MA

"As you know Cravings Cafe has very high standards when it comes to quality, service and cleanliness.We are very busy and one of the most overlooked areas in our restaurant was our exhaust hoods, ducts and fans. I knew it "needed" to get done but like most restaurant owners did not want to spend the money.When we spoke it seemed to me that you would do the job correctly. I was not there when you did the job but came in later that morning to see the quality of the work. WOW! Beyond even my standards.The systems looked brand new! I was SHOCKED at how clean they were. Clearly, a wise use of my money. I will definitely recommend you and use you as Cravings continues to expand on the South Shore." 

                                                                         Jay Johnson- Owner
                                                                         Cravings Cafe- Kingston, MA

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